10 Piece Ergonomic Screwdriver Set

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A tough, corrosion-resistant screwdriver for frequent, professional use.

Our screwdrivers are constructed from premium chrome vanadium for maximum strength and durability.

Ergonomic design with a durable moulded handle ensures superior torque and a blister-free grip.

An essential hand tool for any serious professional’s toolbox.

Ideal for:
• all applications, including general installation and maintenance, automotive, engineering

Product specifications:
5 Phillips® Screwdrivers
75mm x #0, 75mm x #1, 40mm x #2, 100mm x #2, 150mm x #3
5 Standard Screwdrivers
75mm x 3.2mm, 100mm x 4.75mm, 40mm x 6.35mm, 100mm x 6.35mm, 150mm x 7.9mm
SCMT51116 Replacement Box Only
425 x 175 x 52mm

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