7 Drawer Roller Cabinet

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The ultimate slim base for your SIDCHROME collection is this narrower roller cabinet. The smaller size makes it ideal to transport around the warehouse between projects on the four lockable and sturdy castors, giving you plenty of space for your preferred go-to tools that are kept in heavy rotation.

With seven drawers in a convenient variety of sizes and a separate lockable compartments, this cabinet gives you the mobile storage solution every busy workshop needs. With five narrow drawers for spanners, plus two deeper drawers for ratchets and other bulkier tools, the cabinet is the ideal compact solution for a busy working mechanic.

The heavy gauge steel construction means it’s strong, sturdy and reliable, while the rolled-edge drawers ensure smooth, fast access when needed. The drawer liners protect your tools while in storage and with 100% drawer access, you can be confident of maximising every square inch of space in your tool chest, which is great when working in close confines or in smaller workspaces. Each drawer is lined with EVA foam, which will withstand most workshop fluids, helping keep your tools in top-quality condition.

The wide-grip handle on the trolley-style design makes it easy to cart from space to space in your workshop. It’s UV resistant too, so if you’re working outdoors or in a sunny workshop, your tools will be protected from the sun.

The cabinet is designed to fit beneath our tool chests, giving you the freedom to create the custom solution that best suits your requirements. The sturdy, non-slip rubber work mat provides a stable base for additional tool chests, or a convenient workspace for intricate projects where multiple tools are required.

Product specifications:

Cabinet dimensions
• Width 679 mm
• Depth 459mm
• Height 1016mm (includes castors)

Drawer dimensions
• 5 x 570 mm x 400 mm x 60 mm
• 2 x 570 mm x 400 mm x 140 mm

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