Cooling System Pressuer Tester

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Inflatable bladder attaches to radiator or header tank for system testing

The universal cooling system pressure tester that eliminates the need for system adaptors

Product features and benefits:
• Universal attachment to radiator or header tanks
• Suits automotive, commercial, industrial, marine, motorcycle
• Fits bayonet and threaded filler necks on radiators or header tanks
• Fluid drain tube allows coolant to be returned to the coolant reservoir or safely collected in a container for recycling.
• Identifies cooling system pressure leaks

Locate leaks from:
• Head gasket
• Radiator and heater cores
• Welch plugs and housings
• Water pumps and hoses

Product specifications:
• Pressure pump: 0-30 psi (0-207kPa) gauge
• Bladder is cycle tested to over 1500 inflations
• Suits neck diameters up to 45mm (threaded or bayonet)
• Max pressure: 30 psi

Contents include:
Analyser, Pressure Pump, Air Supply Hose, Spare Bladder,
Instruction Manual, 3x Neck Extensions & Blow Mould Case

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