High Performance Multigrip Pliers 250mm

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Tired of flimsy pliers that wear out quickly and strain your hands and wrists?

The SIDCHROME slip joint multi-grip pliers have been developed in collaboration with specialist ergonomic laboratories. The unique handles feature a non-slip spatula-shaped pressure area, providing maximum grip and ergonomic comfort.

Ideal for:
• industrial use and situations with exposure to corrosive elements
• use in confined spaces and tight-access situations
• frequent, professional use where joint strain is a concern

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The sturdy metal frame and tips are double heat-treated for high wear resistance (HRc 60/62), and the handles are resistant to corrosive elements including petrol, acetone, chloroethene and Skydrol.

With a jaw capacity of 44mm in the fully open, parallel position, and slip joints allowing 7 pivot positions, these pliers are ideal for use in confined spaces.

Product features and benefits:
• Manufactured to ISO, DIN & NF ISO 8976: meeting the highest global standards
• unique spatula-shaped pressure area: for absolute maximum ergonomic ease
• 7 pivot positions: to easily access confined spaces
• corrosion and chemical resistant: for use in industrial conditions

Product specifications:
• size: 250mm
• jaw capacity: 44mm
• materials: chrome vanadium steel with chrome plating

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