Minimeter – Digital Multimeter

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This pocket-sized digital multimeter is ideal for automotive use or in the home workshop.

Automatic over range indication, assisting the user to identify voltage and currents over selected range
Something about accuracy and precision.

Ideal for:
• electrical work and testing electrical outlets
• testing battery output
• continuity testing

Digital multimeter functions:
• AC/DC voltage (v)
• DC current (A)
• resistance (Ω)
• diode test
• battery testing

This product includes:
• digital mini multimeter
• test leads
• 12 volt battery
• instruction manual

Product features and benefits:
•light and easily portable
• small and compact

Product specifications:
• voltage: 500 volts AC/DC
• current: 20mA
• polarity: automatic (-) negative polarity indication
• diode test: 1.6mA
• display: 3½ digit (1999 count) LCD
• dimensions: 100mm x 48mm x 26mm
• weight: 104g (including battery)

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