Open Tote Contractor’s Tool Bag

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A tool bag that’s built to last—with all the features that make your professional working day easier and more convenient.

This tool bag has a high strength design, able to withstand rough treatment, dust, grime, heat and the elements and still remain durable and reliable. The highly-resistant 1200-1200 denier fabric is sturdy and tough, meaning it’s unlikely to rip or tear.

The rigid, waterproof bottom surface provides a sturdy base that gives your tool bag weight and shape, enabling better access and keeping your tools protected when not in use. The easy-grip aluminum handle is strong yet lightweight, while the leather grip makes it comfortable if you need to walk a distance before getting to work.

The reinforced shoulder strap with padded shoulder gives extra comfort when you are lugging your tool bag from location to location on the job. The closing flap keeps your tools steady and secure when not in use, and the easy elastic tool retaining strap keeps your tools where you want them, not a jumbled mess at the bottom of your bag. Place your favourite heavy-rotation tools in the quick-access compartment at the front of the bag, saving precious moments rummaging for your favourites. The large number of side pockets give you plenty of storage combinations so you can find your preferred tools when you need them, saving you valuable time on the job and boosting your efficiency at work.

Product specifications:
• Product Length: 560mm
• Product Width: 320mm
• Product Height: 270mm

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