Tool Kit Met/AF 69Pc

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A treasure trove of premium quality tools awaits you in this tool kit. Featuring more than 69 of our most popular tools, this kit will be your reliable partner in the workroom for years to come. With powerful products made to the highest standards of durability, strength, comfort and ergonomics, you can trust these tools will be as hard working and durable as you are.

Made from durable stainless steel, the tool chest features with a logical flow of tools to ensure you find the right tool at the right moment, every time. The tool kit can be combined atop our rolling cabinets to create a fully customised portable section for your workshop.

Each tray is lined with EVA foam, which withstands most workshop fluids, helping keep your tools in top-quality condition.

Each tool has a snug location for its home, meaning you can easily see when a tool is missing. The clever layout makes the most of every square centimetre, meaning the kit stays as lightweight and portable as possible. The sturdy handles are kind on your grip so you can wheel it with ease from project to project around the busy workshop.

Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your tools are manufactured to the highest SIDCHROME standards — that means A-grade materials, design and quality, built for the specific and demanding circumstances that trade professionals face every day. If you expect nothing but the best workmanship, efficiency, innovation and durability, this toolkit delivers tools you can trust.

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Since 1942, SIDCHROME has been delivering quality tools to all trades people. SIDCHROME is a much-loved and iconic Australian brand, known for unbeatable reliability, quality, durability and design.

We continue to produce maximum quality tools and accessories that you can rely on every single day to get the job done.