Locking Twin Slip Joint Multigrip Pliers 250mm

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New pivot pin innovation delivers superior performance
Push-button adjustment with safety lock allows twice the number of operating positions over conventional multigrip pliers
The pivot pin allows you to adjust handle travel to suit the size of your hand, meaning more force and less fatigue

Teeth designed to self grip on pipes
Jaw geometry designed to grip nuts without damage
An integrated wire cutter puts the Sidchrome multigrip ahead of the pack for innovation

Product features and benefits:
The handles have been developed with the support of specialist ergonomics laboratories, and provide maximum comfort, by taking advantage of a non-slip spatula shaped pressure area
The reduced gap for the slip join mechanism delivers high torsional strength and reduced play
High frequency treated jaws (62HRc)
Manufactured to ISO, DIN & NF ISO 8976

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