Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

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Read the surface temperature of any object without making direct contact.

Quick and easy to operate, just use the inbuilt laser to guide your aim, then point and pull the trigger. The subject’s temperature (in the range of -50ºC to 500ºC) will display on the backlit LCD screen.

Simple and safe to use for hundreds of different functions across almost any industry, including:
• automotive
• industrial
• air-conditioning maintenance
• electrical
• refrigeration
• health and safety
• printing
• food storage

Product features and benefits::
• reads temperature of people and objects
• easy one-handed, non-contact operation
• backlit LCD screen for easy reading
• automatic battery saving power off at 7 seconds

Product specifications:
• temperature range: -50°C to 500°C (-58°F to 932°F)
• accuracy: ± 2% of reading or ±2°C/±2°F
• distance: (D) to spot size (S) D:S = 8:1
• emissivity setting: 0.95 ∑ (fixed)
• resolution: 1°C/°F
• display: 3-1/2 digit (1999count) backlit LCD
• sample rate: approx. 1 second
• spectral response: 6~14um
• power off: 7 seconds (automatic)
• power supply: 9 volt battery
• weight: 180gm
• size: 159mm x 79mm x 57.2mm

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